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Company Profile

Beijing JY Instrument Co.,Ltd is professional design and manufacture for micro positioning system. We have experienced mechanical engineers and precise production department to meet customers demands. Based on years expprting business and customer service, we could supply the design with whole solution. 

We are good at basic positioning instruments like motorized or manual rotary stage, xy linear stage, xyz translation stage, lab jack, goniometer stage. Meanwhile, we supply the customized service and reasonable price.

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We have experienced Technical Engineers and Exporting Sales!

Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Brand spirit: perseverance, action is better than words

Business philosophy: cooperation, win-win, integration, altruism, mutual help

Competition concept: only partners, no competitors

Team philosophy: target in the same direction, leading, tacit trust, risk sharing

Product design cash unique, reasonable structure, stable quality, by various colleges and universities, research institutes and industrial users widely used in machinery, electronics, medical, chemical, health, education, national defense and other fields.

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of enterprise development, your recognition of us is our greatest wealth, your criticism of us is our constant improvement of the direction of enterprise development, but also to inspire us to make progress.