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  • Non-magnetic Micro Positioning System
Name:Non-magnetic Micro Positioning System

Product Description

Non-magnetic micro positioning System

Applied to non-magnetic field require.

Production Features

Material: System uses cooper, aluminum, PEETK and other non-magnetic material. Relative permeability< 1.01.

Ball Screw or Worm Gear Transmission Structure: Use importing aluminum, cooper or POM material, ensure accuracy and hardness.

Guide Rail: Use importing aluminum or non-magnetic stainless steel.

Motor: Magnetic shield

Bearing: Use ceramic bearing or non-magnetic titanium alloy bearing.

Coupling: Aluminum coupling

Longitudinal: 0-360°, measurement accuracy ≤ 0.05°, Dial resolution≤ 0.05°

Pitching: 0-360°, measurement accuracy ≤ 0.05°, Dial resolution≤ 0.05°

Rolling: 0-360°, measurement accuracy≤ 0.05°, Dial resolution≤ 0.05°

Triaxial Perpendicularity≤ 0.1°, intersection≤ 5mm, loading≥10kg

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