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  • 4-Axis EMC Testing Equipment
Name:4-Axis EMC Testing Equipment

Product Description

4-Axis Test Turning Platform



1.     High accuracy and work smoothly

2.     Solid Aluminum and other metal structure for maintenance easily.

3.     All axes with scale to easy read and the actual movement same with the scale

4.     All axes could customize travel range, speed, dimension according to different requests.

5.     Drag chain to protect the long cable.


Item Number




Linear Axis

Travel Range: 1000mm

Speed: 0- 20mm/s

Accuracy: 0.05mm

Rotary Axis

Angle Range: 0-350°

Speed: 0-20°/s

Accuracy: 0.05°

Tilt Axis

Angle Range: +/-30°

Speed: 0-10°/s

Accuracy: 0.05°

Z Axis

Travel Range: 200mm

Speed: 0-20mm/s

Accuracy: 0.05mm


Stepper motor with RS23 interface


Solid Aluminum

Surface Treatment

Black- Anodized


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